Plex… damn you CCP

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Well I did it. Logged into Eve via CCPs 4 hour window to buy a plex with Isk.
No telling how much I may be able to play given my current hectic routine. Either way I got a skill training.

Also had the opportunity to talk to Wowbagger. He gave me the rundown on Immortalis Inc and Shadow Cartels operations. Kudos to the crew and congrats with accomplishing your recent goals. lol you know the ones I mean haha. you guys are fucking animals!

Good to know the crew is still kicking arse and have a good number of goals ahead.

In any case Ill see if I can log in on my down time and join in on a few ops at the very least to get the Eve itch out of my system.

Till then.

SC keep up the good work. YARR!


Many months out and down…. :(

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I have to say that I certainly miss Eve. Its a been a number of months since I sat behind the controls of a craft. Im sure to return to Eve at some point. Just a matter of time and the ability to delegate time and assets to playing. At the moment doing anything but work, sleep, attend meetings, family events and other activities stunts my ability to interact with the virtual world. Like my father said may many a time ” Such is life”.

One day at a time. Ill one day be able to play again. Just not in the foreseeable future. I can only sit from afar sipping coffee from my office chair and watch the pilots in Shadow Cartel stack the killboard. Keep it up guys(and gals)! You fucking rock!

Damn it feels good to be a Pirate

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(to the tune of “Damn it feels good to be a Gangster” by Geto Boys)

If I have any sort of following to my blog its been a long time since I posted. Shit happens…

In any case over the last 6-8 months Ive certainly gone though some changes in Eve and life in general.

Around August I took in on myself to take a break from any sort of Eve leadership role. In short I handed the controls of Shadow Cartel and the corporation Immortalis Inc. over to the more than capable  W0wbagger and Hearnie. As a result I left the corp and alliance that means a great deal to me in order to expand my game play horizons. ie take a break

In short I did the following over the last few months.. Ill make an tempt at being brief but detail just enough so you get the idea.

* I joined Pitch Black. (an black ops heavy corporation)

* shortly after Pitch Black joined IRC (Intrepid Crossing)

* I was made CEO of Pitch Black (despite telling myself that I did not want to have a leadership role or any major responsibility)

* shortly after joining IRC Pitch Black all but became dormant after coming to find out that the majority of PBKs members wanted nothing to do with IRC. Insult to injury is that shortly after PBK established a system in Cobalt Edge , IRC in its efforts to help Solar take up space, required mandatory CTAs several regions away, causing even more PBK members to be uninterested in playing.

(hmm this is turning into a rant… fuck it)

* Word to the wise. Dont fucking bother joining IRC for any reason. Despite the good things about IRC there are far more negatives than any corporation should have to deal with. Frankly their High Command structure sucks nuts and they have their heads buried terribly far up each others asses to realize how their action effect its members corporations and pilots. (yea yea 0.0 politics, what do you expect blah blah.) In short good riddance IRC one day your alliance and its shitty region and infastructure will fail cascade and be forgotten only as a matter of “Intrepid Crossing… who the fuck are they.. bah who gives a shit”

* Shortly after exiting IRC and Cobalt Edge. Pitch Black. made its way back to Empire/ Lowsec. We then made our way to Goinard to run some ops with Shadow Cartel. I then made the choice to enter back into Piracy. I quit PBK. Joined the corporation and alliance I created. Immortalis Inc. and the Shadow Cartel.

* Damn its good to be a Pirate.

(perhaps I should have a 20-30 min podcast of me bitching about eve.. If I only had the time)

About the time that I transitioned back to Immortalis Inc. I was strongly considering quitting the game altogether for real life issues and the time that the game has taken up in my life in order to focus on other real world activities. While I wont have as much time to devote to the game as I once did. Hehateme480 got me in on a exhumer gank that flipped th switch into me pirating again.  And Vulcar Dumas made it a point that I can always “AFK Pirate” while I’m doing my real life work 🙂

anyway… Ive got a yard to snow blow…

I wish I had a smart bomb mod on my house…. *ponders*

The snow wouldn’t have a chance… ‘;..;’ *evil grin*



On the Road again…

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Were pulling up stakes and expending lots of jump drive and cyno fuel. We all are looking forward to the unknown that our destination holds.

Power up the weapons, check your power levels, get the drives online.

The next few weeks are sure to be bumpy.

Dogs of War… forward momentum

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The last few months since I last posted have certainly had there ups and downs.

The normal ebb and flow of new and seasoned pirates.
The often open disdain in local, private convos and entertaining evemails from our victims addressed to our lot of dirty dogs and bastards that seed our organisation.
The ongoing exchange of ammunition with our rival pirate neighbors and their “friends”.
Titans and random bored out of their skull cap fleets waving their epeens in our home system…


All in all… Things are going well!

A number of pilots that have been away from Eve for a few months have returned. This has been a big plus as they have been missed. You know who you are!! Now only if the rest would return…..

We have recently added a good number of pilots to the alliance. Ministry of Destruction has been a welcome asset to the alliance and is working out very well. They have a large number of skilled, seasoned,outgoing pilots. As a result they have filled a good number of the gaps that we previously had in attendance.

We have also bolstered our recruitment activities and are gaining pilots at a regular rate.

So with all the positive that has come out of the last couple months we will in the coming months see some very good things happen for our organisation. Good for us… potentially bad for others.

Now on to planning, increased organisation and results.

The future will be paved with blood, wreckage and isk…. 50m isk…. you have 20 seconds to comply… we need to restore our rum supply… the dogs are thirsty… now pay up… or face the clone bay…

Prismatic Destruction

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Over the last week SC has found it self experimenting and employing the use of smart bombing gate tactics with the support of heavy tackle and DPS.

Overall I have to say that I’m very pleased with the results. Seeing that I was never really a fan of gate camping in the past. I still preffer the rush of small gang tactics and when time permits solo piloting with positive results. However I have found Gate camping to be relaxing and fills the void. It’s certainly a better alternative to spinning ships in station.

In closing Gate camping has been Fun! Even more so when the poor bastard your crew just vaporized starts yelling in local or eve mails you that his statistically terrible alliance is going to wardec yours. Even more entertaing, one of your smartbombing pilots openly announces to the pilot that’s warping to your gate that he/she is going to be welcomed to the gate by a cloud of death.

Fear and Loathing….

Golem on scan! Burn back to system and release the hounds!!!

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In the weeee hours of the morning in the UK Hearnie and I set out on a destroyer roam. (thrashers of shredding) Not terribly eventful in route to Hysera but the normal route a few in local here and there, check compounds and plexs nada. Tannolen to Hysera and then on to Notoras or OMS area tour.

Well we opted to head out toward Notoras.

We hit Tama, stuff on scan but nothing worth dealing with or tracking. On to Kedama. there are a few in local… but again no dice. The victim bastards just dont want to come out an play with the Dynamic Thrasher Duo..

After a few bounces around Kedama on to Nisuwa.

Hearnie jumps through. About 8 in local if I remember correctly.

We bounce off a site and Hearnie says “Golem on scan” and then it disappears. But we also noticed that the Golem pilot did not change the name of the ship and we still see him in local. Were just about to leave sys and I say hmm let me check planet 6. We warp to planet 6 and sure enough the Golem is on scan again. I look around and then Hearnie says “hes right under us”. After a few seconds, “We should burn back to Tannolen and swap ships, What to do you think” (not his exact words but the sum of it).

I say yes and we burn back. Hearnie gets back first, Rec0ner and Hearnie into a Arazu and a Pilgrim. About a minute later I deploy dock in a Caldari Jammer Heavy Blaster Falcon. Ive got approx 4-5 jumps to Nisuwa. By the time I get to Surj, Hearnie is already in Nisuwa tracking the Golem. As soon as I get to Kedama , Hearnie is warping in on the Golem and cloaks.

At this point I jump into Nisuwa. about 8 on gate, looks like a handful of frigs, cruisers and a BC or two. Nothing we cant get out of the way of. They cant touch the might and majesty of a member of Shadow Cartel.
I warp to Hearnie to an excel gate, local clears of those underling ships on gate and I get into a good position to cloak till Hearnie needs me to jump in.


Hearnie is now slow boating cloaked toward the Golem so he can get within 60k to point him. with Rec0ner in a Pilgrim not to far behind. The problem is that the Golem is about 100k away from Hearnie. The golem now has 3 BS Rats left and has started to align. Hearnie is now 80k off the Golem.

We are now wondering how or why the Golem pilot did not see Hearnie enter and are griting our teeth for impending disappointment… but wait… the Golem stops moving and Hearnie realizes that hes looting his wrecks. Hearnie is now @ roughly 65-70k and the Golem has 1 BS rat left.

Hearnie finally is within range… POINT! I activate the gate and warp in… Golme is 140k away from me. Afterburner on and target the Golem to monitor status. Im still outside effective Jam range. However Hearnie has it covered with target damps with scripts loaded. Moving as fast as I can in anticipation to render this Golem 100% useless.

Im at 100k from the Golem and *blink* and red shows up behind me… bah! should have punched directional more often. Taranis.. ( I think) Loren Gallen of Wrath of Fenris. In waiting to be locked by him Ive got my finger on the trigger and he blows right by me toward the Golem. hangs around for a minute and warps off. Shortly after that another random local jumps in takes a peek and warps off. I guess they just did not want anything to do with what we are involved in… fing pooch punchers

Now 60 off the Golem and my Jams start taking effect and better the closer I get. 50k I deploy drones to apply a littel DPS. Hearnie is still hacking away at the ship but the Golem reps every once and while. At this point we are just holding him there till Rec0ner gets in range.

30K and the Golem is pretty much perma jammed. Riftburn throws out some half hearted requests to pay a ransom local. If this ankle grabbing mission whoring mammy ramming bag grabber was serious he would have convoed one of us. But we were really looking for a payout and a tasty kill. Shortly after Riftburns pathetic public ransom request he bitches as to how lame we are and that its only a Golem. We carry on ignoring him as we know that more often than not that speced Golem pilots fit their ships very well and we have a good chance of pricey faction drops not to mention a big addition to repairing the KB eff. this week.

Loren Gallen pops back in and swoops in our direction again and asks in local if he can get in on the action. We just ignore him. He watches and a few minutes passes and he deploys a couple of drones and takes a few pot shots at Golem and warps off. I’m now on top of the Golem and trying to bump him in an effort to slow him down so Rec0ner can catch up. Anther few minutes pass and a rack of medium null ammo later, Rec0ner in his pilgrim is Finally in neut range.

Not too long after being neuted the Golems tank is starting to fail. We shoot at the Golem for another 5 or so minutes and pop! Riftburn has a minor whine and leaves system or logs after escaping in his pod. We scoop the loot , wait out our GCC and start making our way back to Tannolen.

Loren Gallen gets excited in local as to how he hopes he was on the kill mail and that his ship was in structure etc etc. We say GF and I sent Loren the KM. He says TY to Hearnie and I in local and logs off for the night.

Overall a good outing. 1.2bil in X-type and faction drone drop. As well as some salvage and other minor items.

It was a hell of alot of fun and a bit of a nail biter at a couple moments.

Thanks Hearnie for high tailing it to Tannolen and back to Nisuwa for an awesome kill.

The last thing I said before logging off for the night was…

W0wbagger is going to be pissed… lol